CUE BALL’s Principals, John Cabell and Mike Greehan, are co-authors of the first three editions of the International Magazine Media Handbook. 

The Handbook is a primer for any magazine- or digitally-based consumer or B2B publisher who wants to publish across international borders (or, who wants to publish international titles locally). The 12 chapters cover everything that a publisher needs to know: a history of the business; assets analysis; getting started; personnel needs; business planning; limiting factors; partner selection; deal negotiation; launch planning; joint ventures; mergers and acquisitions; and, future trends. A sample tender package, Term Sheet, License Contract and Contributor Contract are included in the Appendices. In the research for the Handbook, CUE BALL interviewed more than 50 of the leading international publishers from around the world.

Cue Ball has Partner offices in Denver
and Miami, with Associate offices in
New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo,
Beijing, Hamburg, Lugano, Mexico City 
and Bangkok.


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